man killed and castrated

  1. LadeeV

    Corpse of Man with Mutilated Heart, Ears and Penis Found in Lusaka, Zambia

    In Lusaka city’s slums called Zingalume, a corpse of a man was found with signs of having been the victim of a ritualistic killing. The corpse was with ears cut off, heart carved out and penis amputated. Identified as 21 year old Amon Sichamba, the victim’s body parts were found a day earlier...
  2. DeathHand

    Man 80 ~ Genitals Cut Off

    This set goes back about 4 years ~ hopefully this one not a repost. So this man, 80 years old, is attacked by a 55 year old woman who was his neighbour. She nails the old guy with an iron rod and a piece of wood and bang, he's dead. Next the woman proceeds to pull his trousers down and then...