A couple of video games that might be liked here


Death Addict
Dec 16, 2015
Washington State
It's a very hypocritical system at that.. I've played a shit ton of games and its astounding what gets a "pass" and what gets fucking swept under the rug..
Developer - Lets make a WW2 game
ESRB - Oh no, you can't use the swastika, because it offends a bunch of nazi pussies and puts a certain country into a bad light.
Dev - but that's real history
ESRB - Nope, won't happen, how about we let ya paint guns all rainbow and sparkly like and you can charge people for that instead?
Dev - Odd compromise, but w/e, fuck the fans and accuracy
I'm hopeful that one-day they will make a 3rd game. But they probably won't because of today's retarded rating system with all this censorship.
SInce we're all fans of gore on here, I thought I'd mention these two games that would surely find some fans on here: the first one is Postal 2 with the A Week in Paradise mod and the second is Grezzo 2, a Doom mod. Both are filled to the brim with gore and are sure to please anyone who's a fan of it.
Excuse me, Master Satan sir... Can you tell me how to conduct a ritual that will render my roommate dead, or severely incapacitated?