Accidentally Blew Himself Up? Using A Bomb To Fish? Fish Knife In The Eye? WTF?


Feb 2, 2017
*This Thai translation is fucked up. Draw your own conclusion.


Two men were killed in separate accidents involving electrocution and the accidental explosion of a homemade bomb on Monday and Tuesday respectively, at different locations in Mondulkiri province. A man identified as Poeul Pleuy was killed on the spot when a bomb he was making exploded in Sen Monorom commune, O’Raing district, Mondulkiri province.O’Raing’s deputy chief of police Thai Vannak said Pleuy, a Bunong ethnic minority member, created the bomb by placing 30 firecrackers inside a canister and had meant to use it for blast fishing. Unfortunately, the bomb exploded and killed him. After the explosion, police found Pleuy’s remains with his left hand amputated, and his eye and chest struck by debris.

“After checking the scene and questioning witnesses, we concluded that he was killed by the bomb of his own making. It was not a murder case. We have handed over the body to the family,” Vannak said. In a separate case, Yin Khim, 40, was killed on Monday when he accidentally touched an electrical wire that was laid as a trap for wild animals in a rice field in Roya commune, Koh Nhek district, Mondulkiri province. Khim, who was returning from the forest when his tractor broke down, reportedly went to the rice field to take water and use it to fill the tractor’s radiator. Upon reaching the field, Khim accidentally touched the electrical wire and was killed by electrocution. Koh Nhek’s district police chief Klot Sokhea said 42-year-old Uok Thoeun had been arrested and brought in for questioning. “The suspect has confessed to laying the wire around his field to catch wild pigs and prevent them from destroying his farm. But we will still send him to the provincial police headquarters to face further investigation,” Sokhea said.