Comedy Central Roast Of Donald Trump (Just A Fairly Short Time Before He Became President I Believe)

Squirt Reynolds

The Sperminator
Jan 17, 2020
Brainwashed liberal twat says...

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good thing its not the liberals you should watch out for, its the educated Americans! unfortunately we have an Electoral College that has been out of date since it was instated 200 years ago & needs to be abolished! it fucked the American citizens in 2000 & again in 2016! The Tweetler has been mooching off America more than anyone that draws welfare & has turned his back on this country many many times the last 45 years, he is about as anti-American as it gets yet the ones that worship him are too stupid to know they are stupid & unfortunately there are 63 million stupid people in this country! the douche bag would rather be friends with Nazis, serial killing tyrants, white suprematists, hate groups, & dictators & communists! if thats what you think constitutes American values then you are just as anti-American as he is & shouldnt be allowed in this country! every day i see that there are many stupid people in this country that shouldnt be allowed to call themselves American & you have proven that you are one of them!