Ex-Police, Kill his Daughters and Wife, To Eat them by Parts


Death Head
Jan 3, 2018
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José López Bautista, in addition to murdering his wife and daughters, mutilated to he eat thw parts of their bodies, according to A Fondo Estado de México revealed sources close to the case.

After the macabre discovery made last night, in the Bosques de Los Héroes Tecámac section, where a former police officer maintained the bodies of his wife and daughters a week after he murdered them, it was reported that the person responsible committed acts of cannibalism by consuming parts of their bodies, this after having attended a kind of spiritual retreat on December 31.

It was yesterday night when José López Bautista, 34, was arrested by police from the Ministry of Security of the State of Mexico, who entered his home where he had entrenched himself after killing his wife and daughters.

After identifying Esther Alicia Castro Luzanilla, 36, Alessandra López Castro, 5, and Loreto Pérez Castro, 1 year and 4 months old, the murderer's wife and daughters respectively, authorities arrested López Bautista, who without remorse He confessed the crimes.

He said that on December 31 he went to a spiritual retreat to Tlaxcala, and returned on January 1, the day he killed his wife whom he strangled and later mutilated while the girls played in one of the halls.

Subsequently, a consulted source said, the subject said that he killed little Alessandra, whose chest opened and removed the organs, which he deposited in a bucket and cut off his hand, which he began to eat.

They added that he confessed to spraying lime and chlorine to hide the smell of decaying bodies that he later covered with blankets.

Authorities also reported that the unbalanced man was trying to set the house on fire, not just clothes, a version that was initially handled, so he entrenched himself and forced the uniformed men to enter.

After the arrest and transfer of the bodies to the Semefo, authorities initiated the NUC folder: ECA / FHM / ECH / 034/004652/18/01 and NIC: FHM / ECH / 00 / MPI / 064/00003/18/01 for the triple feminicide committed yesterday, in one of the most spooky episodes in the history of the municipality and the state of Mexico