Sep 22, 2018
White House
Captive slaves were killed far worse on slave trading ships... Most often when some of them were sick and could potentially infect the crew, they were cast overboard in open water to be fed to sharks. Or, some slaves were daisy chained by their hands or feet, and cast off the boats. They'd rapidly descend to the bottom of the ocean because of the weight of the chains, so crew members seldom had to touch them at all.

7th Step

Drawing Blood
Jan 17, 2018
Dallas, TX
Some would label this as suicide, but regardless, it's heartbreaking to watch.

What's going on here is African migrants mistaking a Tunisian fishing vessel for a Coast Guard ship.

When they did this, they intentionally sank their own boats in a bid to "force" the Coast Guard to save them and transport them to Europe.

They do this because of Europe's current open border policy that seems to welcome all refugees.

The video was recorded by by a Tunisian crewman on board the ship.

They sink their own boats to appear to be in distress at sea.

Once they realize it's a fishing boat and not a Coast Guard vessel which is physically unable to provide help, they start screaming for their lives as they drown.

The crew and ship weren't prepared for such an influx of new passengers, so would have been putting themselves at risk by taking them in; not enough lifeboats, for one thing.
So, the African migrants knowingly sink their boat in an effort to “force” the crew on the ship to rescue them (Believing the ship to be a Coast Guard crew).
Who’s idea was that!?
It just seems like someone on the migrant boat would say “Hold on everyone! What happens if they DON’T rescue us!? You sure we want to sink our boat!?”


Drawing Blood
Mar 23, 2018
Well, there's goes at least 30 good doctors and engineers. But, don't worry. There's about half of billion more of them to come.
I usually disagree with u, but this time i must say i totally agree. Don't feel anything for them and their suicidal tendencies only to get into welfare states.


Death Addict
Dec 16, 2015
Washington State
I want to feel sympathetic for them, but at the same time, I can't. Anyone stupid and asinine enough to literally put themselves in harms way just to abuse a countries policies for free room and board deserve to sink to the bottom of the sea.