Open Letter On Animal Abuse For Everyone Concerning Warnings And Bans


Death Addict
May 30, 2016
At Death Addict, of course!
This is a bit of an open letter concerning animal abuse/torture/death videos and the people looking for or enjoying them and how we, as a community, need to bite the bullet a bit.

My job as a Super Mod means that frequently I have to put my personal opinions aside and enforce the rules straight across the board so as to be fair to all and to make sure that your time here on the forum is fun and enjoyable.

I've become aware that there is a bit of a division in the community between those against animal abuse and those who enjoy it. We need to address this issue to avoid any more little "skirmishes" like I've seen occurring here and there.

I understand fully how you feel about animals being hurt, but we need to remember that folks who do enjoy this sort of thing have the right to view it, just like you have the right to view videos containing subjects that interest you.

You wouldn't want me going on a thread about dead women and making a post about how I think anyone who likes looking at dead women are sickos, psychos, and not very welcome here, would you? Of course not!

Well, we need to extend the same courtesy to them.

If you hate animal abuse videos/pictures, then just don't go on that thread. Or if you run across a post asking about it, just pass the post by.

I've run across several posts where someone asks about it only to have another member respond with things such as "People who like that sort of stuff are sickos" or "psychos" or other derogatory words.

This needs to stop now.

I care about each and every one of you, but sometimes even I have to be serious, and this is one of those times.

From this point forward, I won't be dropping subtle hints anymore, I will be giving warnings. When you hit 3 warnings on this matter, you'll then get a 1 week ban. I simply can not and will not allow any bullying of any sort to start on this Site, ok?
Thanks for understanding! Now let's get back to the party! :stoners:


Drawing Blood
Jan 31, 2017
Thanks Goth for that,to each their own,the sickos and the crazies are the ones that don`t understand that it takes all types of "humans" that are different to make this wonderful world we live on go around...
Yeah. Wonderful...:cool: