Talk About The Worst Luck Ever


Feb 2, 2017

If anyone here has ever watched the TV show 'Border Security'' you will know that there are always many people waiting in line for an inspection of their bags. One particular evening there was a large line waiting. It was right around 6:00 pm. This was around the time of night that one of the drug sniffing dogs was done it's shift for the night and the guard was walking the dog back to it's living quarters or wherever they put them for the night. The guard and the dog were walking by this lineup of people, and around halfway through the line, the dog stopped and sat down beside this one guy wearing a leather jacket and a baseball cap. The dog is trained to sit if he detects drugs in any given area. The guy the dog sat by was doing his best to keep his composure as the guard approached him. Sure as shit, he checked the guy out and found a bunch of little bags of pot. The guard of course, asked the dude to come with him to the office. Out of all of the people in line, and in such a busy area, this guy happened to be holding just as a drug dog walked by him on it's way home for the night. Of all the luck.